Northeast Mississippi
    Scanner Frequencies
       from Billy Eddy Epps

State Net------------------------------- 45.22
Tishomingo County----------------155.940
Itawamba County--------------------45.18
Itawamba County Cars-------------45.30
Prentiss County---------------------159.165
Tishomingo County Medical----155.340
Belmont --------------------------------45.52
North Mississippi Air--Medical-155.235
Tishomingo County Fire------------154.995
Itawamba Fire and Rescue--------158.835
Natchez Trace Parkway-----------171.775
Northeast MS Hwy Patrol------------42.16
Hwy Patrol -----------------------42.24
Monroe County-------155.670
Prentiss Cty. Res.---155.160
Itawamba Comm. College-159.090
Barnes Crossing Mall-464.600
Hwy Patrol car to car-----42.20

Tupelo Trunked System
856.2625 - 858.9875
856.9875 - 859.2625
857.2625 - 859.9875
857.9875 - 860.2625
858.2635 - 860.9875

Talk Groups
Tupelo Police Dispatch------144
Car to Car-------------------------176
Fire Dispatch---------------------432
Sheriff Dispatch-----------------528
EMS Dispatch-------------------624
EMS to Hospital----------------688
Verona PD-----------------------816
Beldon PD---------------------1040
Saltillo PD----------------------1232
Richmond PD------------------1292
Car to Car------------------------1296
Public Works--------------------1328

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